Hợp âm bài hát How I found my country song

Hợp âm bài hát How I found my country song

Verse 1:
During the [G] times that [D9/F#] we were toge-[Em] ther,
my [Am] heart was always [B7] touched by your [Em] smile
[Cm7] When I started to [Bm]sing, you always [Am7] tried to find
the [F#] finest chords to [A] sing a-[D] long

Verse 2:
Every [G] night as [Bm7] you worked all a-[[Em] lone,
I [Fm#] walked outside and [B7] looked for Queen of the [Em] night.
The [Am] baby was cry-[D] ing until she [B7] heard her mother’s lulla-[Em] by
which [Am] made her smile and [D] helped her fall as-[G] leep

As time goes [Em]by , you’re like a [Am7] bird that’s flown a-[C] way
stretching its [D/C] wings on a shiny [Am7] day.
There [D] isn’t much to [G] tell you [B7] about my-[Em] self but my sin-[C] cerity
so I’ve de-[Am] cided to move [D] on from [G]you

Verse 3:
One [G] day, I [D9/F#] heard a country [Em] song
that warmed my [G/D] heart , and [Am] then I started to [D9/F#] write
my [E] own [A7] country [D] songs.

I [G] need to spend more [Bm7] time working on my [Em] songs
So [Am] my emotions and [Bm7] memories can [Cm] live again,
so the [D/C] true feeling can be [Am7] felt in your [G] soul.

So [C9] my emotions and [G/B] memories can [Am] live again,
so the [G/B] true feeling can be [Am] felt in [D7] your [G] soul.